Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rain and Cold

The rainy season is in full swing here.  There is a nice tropical storm hanging out over Guatemala - last year we had one hang out for almost 2 weeks.  Not only does this make me seasonally depressed but sad for many of the people around us.  Here, rain = water in the house, soaked bedding, clothes on the line that don't dry, pneumonia, mold, mud and misery.  There is no drainage system so some people literally have water running through their homes. Not only are the living conditions rough but it's prime time for pneumonia.  The average temperature with rain is 60 degrees.  With the dampness and altitude, babies and young children can get pneumonia so easily and several babies in the 12x12 families have died since we moved here.  Life in the rain is difficult, especially for those who do not have adequate housing.

Been Awhile

We live in the clouds
Yikes!  It's been almost 2 months since a post here - sorry!! Lots of things happening, as always, but lacking the inspiration to write about it.  I have started several blogs about different things but can't seem to finish them.  The hardest part has been to share something. Here is a little something about what's been going on with us and hopefully there will be more to follow sooner rather than later - say a little prayer that we get out of our duldrums.  :)

Several weeks ago, everyone but me (I can't afford to get sick, ever) got typhoid fever.  It was rough but not as bad as I had imagined typhoid would be.  It was something I meant to have us all get vaccinations for but was never able to get to the health department before we left.  I've heard stories of people getting really, really sick and being in the hospital for weeks and sometimes dying so I would say that it was on my list of greatest fears.  Thankfully, God is merciful because I didn't know what the boys had until the worst was over and they were on the right medication.  Had I known, I would have been in full panic mode.  It made me very thankful that we don't live out in a jungle somewhere where there are worse things to get!

This is Jon with a bad tooth.  Last summer the poor guy had an accident and broke one of his permanent front teeth in half - not good for him on many levels.  He has endured a painful root canal and 3 replacements.....and it's still not right.  This has been a small ordeal because after the root canal experience, Jon doesn't ever want to go to the dentist again in his life.  We found a dentist in the city (an hour away) who can correct the root canal and replace the resin part of the tooth.  "Good" dental care, by US standards, is expensive here and requires a trip to the city and a little Valium for Jon because  there isn't any laughing gas anywhere in this country.  By the time we are done with this tooth, we could have fed a family in need for a year.  I am adding dental care to my list of things I took for granted when we lived in the US.

Jon, Jed, Hannah & Victor help build a kitchen

We've had a couple of visitors recently.  We love when people come, it really lifts our spirits and gives us lots of encouragement.  Plus it gives us a break from life here and lets us be and do "normal".  This is a shameful plug for guests but who needs Disney or North Carolina when you can come to Guatemala?  If you come here, we promise you will have the experience of a lifetime and pictures to prove it!   Not only that, but you get to hang out with the crazy Steed boys - never a dull moment. :)