Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Going Without Food

Miriam was over a couple of weeks ago and I notice that she looked a little thin.  She's pretty thin anyway but she seemed even more so that day.  In the last couple of weeks, I have seen her several times and each time, I've noticed it.  She was over late last week and as she was leaving, I looked at her calves and she has no muscle, her legs are just sticks.  Yesterday, I saw her in the street (the weather was warm so she was wearing a sleeveless top) and she looked emaciated to me.  I mentioned it to Chris and said that we needed to talk to them.  Selvin has been sick so I went to their house this morning to check on him but he was at school.  Since it was just "us girls" (me, Miriam and Kelly) I thought I would ask her why she's so much thinner and the answer caught me off guard.  She explained that since Kelly is eating more and nursing less, there isn't enough food for everyone so she doesn't eat as much. It's more important for Kelly and Selvin to have enough food than her.  Her husband Marco has not had regular work so they don't have much money for food.   I wanted to cry right there.  She goes without food so her kids can have enough when there is so little to begin with.

We have seen our share of malnutrition in kids here and the results of it, even death.   I haven't encountered it in an adult until now.  Cargo trucks leave ours and the surrounding villages daily, loaded with fruits and vegetables for export and there are hungry/starving people all around us.  It's one thing to miss a few meals but for an adult woman to get to the point where it's noticeable that she's not eating enough isn't good.  I explained to her the importance of her getting food too but what else can I say when there isn't enough.  If she had it, she'd eat it I'm sure.  All they had in their house to eat this morning was a corn drink - nothing else.  Later, I took them some food and told her to come to us if they are ever without and we will help.  

I wish I could give Marco a regular job so he could provide for his family better.  He's a hard worker and he doesn't drink like alot of men here do.  It's hard when you can't help people the way they need it.  Praying for God's provision for their family and wisdom for how we can help them.  

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