Wednesday, September 22, 2010

House for Sale

Just in case you know anyone looking for a house in the San Marco area -

1631 Peachtree CIR North JACKSONVILLE FL 32207 Watson Realty Corp

Sunday, September 19, 2010

More Letting Go

From the very beginning of this journey, the hardest part for me has been letting go of the treasured people in my life - just the thought leaves my heart broken.  The people in my life are all like flowers in a garden and I have a beautiful garden!  I am so blessed to have each and every one of you. I might not see you every day or even every year but you are part of my life and I love you!  For whatever reason, leaving the country feels like leaving my garden.  I won't be able to just pick up the phone and call you or get in my car and come see you or see you at church on Sunday.  I know I will miss you and that breaks my heart every day. I'm not a big social person and I'm not one to get energy from being around people but there is something about being in someone's presence that Facebook and e-mail can never replace. 
So, I am going to be leaving you all and that just stinks.  There will be a void that can never be filled where I am going.  It's not like moving to Texas and making new friends. Yes, we will meet new people but crossing cultures and languages will not make that easy and it won't ever be the same.  Just like letting go of stuff, God has met me here and poured out His grace but this part is not as easy and painless.  I know once we get to the other side of this journey it will get easier and when I get to hold lots of babies and love on lots of kids it will all be so worth it.

Friday, September 17, 2010

There is nothing normal about this...

This is what I tell myself every time a plane I'm on begins it's ascent and the ground below grows small.  This blogging business feels exactly the same way to me.  I'd like to keep it all to myself - it's safer that way, on the ground and incognito. But, it's too late - we're in the air so to speak.  Our house is for sale and we're moving to Guatemala. If you read our letter there's a lot more we want to share with you. If you didn't, I'll post it below.

In the letter we mentioned the Buena Vista Sports Academy for Boys.  So much is happening right now as this ministry is taking shape - really amazing things I'll share shortly but I wanted to post this video Brock finished recently that tells the story and the vision of BVSA.  Check it out - 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Intro to BVSA

Letting Go

The saying goes "If God brings you to it, He'll get you through it". That could not me more true for us these last few days as we clean out our house to sell. Our kind agent called it "decluttering". Decluttering the past 18 married years, 11 years with children and 9 years in this house. We live in a small, very old house so there is only so much a family can cram in here but we have done a pretty good job. The getting rid of junk is not hard. The getting rid of our treasured possessions was not as hard as I thought it was going to be either because God is so good - He pours out the grace to be able to let go of things that I wanted to spend my life with. Things I have and have been saving that I would never think I could let go of. It's weird because I love my treasures, I really do. But I have come to a sweet place of letting to. God is good and His grace is sufficient for anything He leads us to do.

The Letter

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