Monday, July 16, 2012


15 stoves arrived 

To date, we have put in over 50 stoves!  What's the big deal about a stove?  The primary benefit has to do with health and safety.  There are lots of little ones running around and we have seen first hand the burns a fire can inflict upon a small child - falling into it or pulling scalding liquid onto themselves.  It's horrible.  Most people here cook over some sort of open fire.  Some use blocks with a grate, the top of a 50 gallon drum, or just a plain old open fire on the ground.  Alot of times we walk into a home or kitchen and have to walk right back out because of the smoke. Many people here suffer from eye and lung problems due to the smoke they inhale from cooking on a daily basis.  If you have ever been here, you know what I'm talking about.   These stoves burn the smoke so there is less smoke and a chimney for ventilation.  The secondary benefit has to do with efficiency.   They use 60% less wood which means less trips up the mountain.

Last summer there was an article in a local magazine about ONIL stoves made by Helps International. We bought a few as a team project to see if they would work well for the people here.  They worked great!  Our friends from Word Fellowship Church, New Jersey and Church For The Beach, Florida saw the need and have raised funds for more stoves.  Between these 2 churches and a few donors, LOTS of families are cooking safely and more efficiently.  We are also able to provide work for our friend, Arturo, who installs each one.  He's got a wife and family.  It's a blessing for many!


After - much safer for these guys

Church For The Beach and Arturo 

Word Fellowship