Tuesday, December 20, 2016

2 Years With Our Girls

Our first official family photo at the adoption agency.

On December 10th we hit the 2 year mark since our girls became part of our family.  With biological children, time flies and they grow up so fast.  With adopted children, who didn't come to you until they were 3 and 5 years old, time travels at warp speed!  It's just crazy how fast they are growing and sad at how much we've missed of their young little lives.  They are at the age where they change so much so quickly.  Once kids start losing teeth it's all downhill from there.  Their faces change, they get taller, and it goes on and on and there is nothing we can do to make it slow down.  At least they are still cute and not asking to date yet.  That would throw us over the edge.  :)

Angela 1st Grade

Angela started 1st grade this year.  It's been great for her but she seems so much older now that she has started school.   In 4 months time she's become more independent and is becoming her own person.  It's neat to watch but it'd be nice if it happened just a little bit slower.  Angela has the natural gift of creativity.  She can make the most amazing creations out of things we would throw away.  Her latest creation is this Christmas scene made out of a candy cane box complete with Santa, a reindeer, tree and a train.  One time she cut out a pair of glasses out of the plastic from a Barbie box.

Kendy got a mask from a kids meal and Angela wanted one too so she made her own. 

Kendy Kindergarten

Kendy is doing kindergarten at home - this picture really captures her personality and her school uniform. :)  She is not ready to be away from her mama yet and her mama is not ready for her to be away so it works out nicely, most days.  We are taking this year to work on our bond and a few attachment issues.  It's been time well spent.  Kendy's natural gift is singing.  She has a beautiful voice and will make up a song about anything - putting on her shoes, riding to the city, cooking dinner, etc.  She's always singing.

Our 1st Christmas

Our 2nd Christmas

This year, our 3rd Christmas
So, so much has changed in each of our lives over the past 2 years.  These girls are such a blessing to us and those around them.  I remember when we went to the adoption agency to get our referral.  They told us their story and showed us a picture.  They said we could take a few days to think about it before we gave our decision, we told them we didn't need to.  They asked if we wanted to talk it over, but we didn't need to.  We knew going into the office that day that whoever they had for us were who we had prayed for and who God wanted us to have. 

Our most recent family photo