Monday, August 20, 2012

Sara and Paula

In February of this year, there was a team of men that came to minister to widows for the week. One of the days they were out looking at a 12x12 house. As they were leaving, Chris saw a  home across the way and remembered a lady who had come to our door looking for help with her house.  Her name is Sara.  He didn't know much about her situation but remembered that she lived in that house so the guys decided to go over and talk with her.  Turns out Sara is a widow.  19 years ago her husband left to go to the US to work and has never been heard from since.  Sarah was pregnant with her daughter Paula at the time and has done all she can to make a better life for them.  Amazingly, Paula is still in school (she works during the week and goes to school on Saturday) and between the two of them working, they managed to buy a small piece of land to hopefully one day build a  house on - one that wasn't made out of plastic and wood slats.  Right there on the spot the men decided to build a house for this sweet lady and her daughter.  Their lives are forever changed.  Not only did they get a better home, they now have running water and electricity too.  What a blessing!

Sarah is one of the nicest and most talkative Guatemalans we have met.  These gals are great and it's neat to see God answer the prayers they have been praying for so long.

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