Friday, April 14, 2017

Jack's Pigs

We're on a roll with farm animals!

Jack saved up a little money. He wanted to invest in something that would earn more money so he could have a little savings when he goes off to college next year.  He did his homework and decided to raise pigs and sell the meat.  (If you know Jack,  you know that he now knows everything there is to know about pigs).  We've got the space and they are way down on the property, out of the way of people, so nobody ever has to smell them, cause pigs don't smell good!  There was an old foundation of an animal pen or something that he used so all he needed was a roof and walls.  He and his grandpa got it built when they were visiting over Christmas and in February 2 pigs arrived.  He got them from some Mennonite people about an hour and a half away in Tecpan.  They are known to have good pig meat  and were willing to sell a couple of piglets.  Not just any old pig will make a good profit. Who knew!  We don't eat much pork here in Guatemala, mostly because we've heard that there can be parasites and that's true.  These guys are given parasite treatments on a regular basis so we are anxiously awaiting some good pork.

Jack is working HARD!!  He takes really good care of the pigs and has had to clean their pen ALOT.  The cold here upsets their tummies so he's had to clean the pen extra.  He's a trooper though and does what needs to be done.  He's up early before school at 5:30am to feed them and takes care of them when he gets home, then he takes a nap.

They've only escaped once so far and really aren't much trouble to have around.  Of course that's easy to say because Jack is doing all the work.   Their time will come in June and we'll see what the profit margin is.  If it's good and he's not too tired, then he'll do it all over again.

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